Energy Services

Anzen Groups dual mission to help organizations save money and protect the environment starts with saving energy. Based upon you current facility, Anzen Group will align you with the correct solution to reduce your monthly expense and reduce your carbon footprint. Following our tried and true method of providing our clients with an unbiased selection of the top manufactures and vendors, Anzen Group will provide you with an energy solution that will ensure the lowest ROI or even instant cost savings. A free facility audit on your current energy consumption is the beginning to a brighter and cleaner business.

Vendor Management Services

While your staff excels at managing your core operations and core operating expenses, we excel at reducing non-core (overhead) costs. Armed with thousands of data points, our cost-management experts can reduce your expenses with no compromise in quality or quantity.

Our clients include professional services, manufacturers, non-profits, public and private education institutions, healthcare providers, and retailers, to name a few. We can get results for you too.

Start lowering your costs today by contacting Anzen to obtain information and references on services we offer and clients we have helped save thousands of dollars in overhead costs.

Anzen Group's ERC's are experts at cost management and can help your company find extra profit. We'll match you with an expert in your area who can examine your spending and lower your costs with no out of pocket cost to your business. Protect Your Bottom Line!

Our Strategy

Anzen Group Competing Dealer/Manufacture Strategy!

Competing Dealers/Manufactures is a key component on creating purchasing leverage. This is essential in today's business market and a method used by fortune 500 companies on a daily basis. Dealers and Manufactures will make every effort to position themselves as the sole source for all your company needs, and have the key "Relationship" needed to keep your company from shopping and developing strategic purchasing leverage. This relationship quickly becomes one-sided and toxic. The sole supplier has increased his profits and isolated your company from receiving a "fair price" and maximizing effective cost structures. Thus the old saying, "you can always charge your friends and family a premium".

Working with thousands of companies Nationwide, and following the trends of Fortune 500 companies, it has become abundantly clear that cost abuse in the small to mid-sized business were largely due to relationship purchasing in a single Dealer/Manufacturer scenario. Among the most common abuses, 150% MSRP billing, double charges, reduced service compliance, and overcharges.The relationships with your Dealer/Manufacturers are important and should allow for some leeway, but the fact remains that your company is being overcharged for services that should be provided anyway. When Anzen creates competition amongst Dealers and Manufacturers for your business, you control the leverage and vendors will bend over backwards to earn your business and out perform their competition. The reward is not only cost savings, but a complete analysis of the terms written in your favor and not solely benefiting the vendor.

Anzen's competitive Dealer/Manufacturer selection process offers the added bonus of security, best pricing, continued support, and the peace of mind that your purchase has been thoroughly thought through and meets your needs. Along with this, you can be rest assured that you now have the tools to make the best decision for your organization.

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